NUS Open QA is in active development. To give you a better idea of the changes to look out for, these are some of the improvements we are seeking to add to the project:

  1. Re-work of answer retrieval phase to bring the currently primitive pattern-based answer extraction algorithm closer to the state-of-the-art
  2. Generalisation of input/output modules so that it wll be easier to customise the data formats that can be used with the framework
  3. Addition of support for list typed questions for the reference QA system bundled with the QANUS download
  4. Hosting of the code in an open-source directory, like Sourceforge

If you have any suggestions on how to add on to and enhance NUS Open QA, please do contact me!

Completed Improvements:

  1. Addition of a “evaluation” package to NUS Open QA so that it can automatically compute the accuracy of returned results given an answer file to the questions posed
  2. Setting up of a live, interactive demo of the system over the Web